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A Broken Tooth

Weston Dentist Dr Pyle Offers Dental Advice for a Broken Tooth:

You just bit down on something hard (an ice cube, a popcorn kernel) and heard your tooth crack, or your kid fell off their bike and broke a tooth.

Why Did Your Tooth Break so Easily, and is it Serious?

Cavities, especially those with silver amalgam fillings weaken a tooth, and when you bite just “wrong” this can cause chipping or fractures. Some people grind or clench their teeth, and will break even teeth without cavities or fillings. There may be pain because the nerve inside the tooth is damaged, especially when this nerve is exposed to air, saliva, or hot or cold foods or drinks. Yet some fractured teeth don’t hurt right away, or the pain may come and go because as you chew you apply pressure to the tooth and the crack in the tooth gets bigger, but once the pressure is released, the crack closes again.

What You Can Do for Fractured Teeth?

There is no way to treat fractured teeth at home; teeth do not heal like broken bones. Delaying treatment can allow the crack to deepen and expand. Early diagnosis leads to a better chance of success.

What does Weston Dentist Dr Pyle Recommend for Broken Teeth?

You’ll want to call our Weston office to see Dr Pyle as soon as possible. Dr Pyle will need to determine if the break was caused by decay and if the nerve is in danger. Adults with a damaged nerve usually will require a root canal, but in children it is possible to save the nerve if Dr Pyle is seen quickly.

Dr Pyle may be able to repair the damage with bonding or a filling, but sometimes the tooth will need a crown. The most serious breaks are those that damage the nerve, in which case you may need a root canal. Whenever you think you may have damaged a tooth, please play it safe and give us a call so Dr Pyle can evaluate the situation, and prevent possible further damage.

Diplomate of American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

As a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM), Dr. Pyle is part of an elite group of dentists who have met the highest educational and experiential standards, possessing an in-depth level of knowledge in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea using oral appliance therapy.

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