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General Dentistry for Davie Horse Riders

If you are going to practice general dentistry in Davie you had better be prepared to treat tooth injuries resulting from horse riding accidents. Davie is the local "horse country" for South Florida. It is a western themed town with a renowned rodeo stadium and over a dozen stables serving the horse riding community. People in Davie love their horses.

It may come as a surprise but horse riding is one of the riskiest sports in the country with one study finding "the highest risk of injury in an individual sport is associated with horse riding, as a result of falls or kicks."

While our Weston dental office can do little to help in controlling a skittish horse we can assist in minimizing the injuries to the mouth and teeth as a result of a riding accident.

Sports Guards for Horse Riders

When you consider the forces in play from a fall from a moving horse it’s easy to see why the same dental device that football players use, a mouth sports guard, is an absolute necessity for a horse rider. Custom fit sports guards are inexpensive, effective and when attached to a riding helmet’s chin strap, convenient to use.

The sports guard offers protection from a direct hit and also "holds the mouth" resulting in a "decided reduction in the amplitude of the intracranial pressure wave when the mouth protector was in place." Essentially the mouth piece is operating much like a shock absorber buffering contact and assisting in holding the jaw in place.

If you have a child with braces who enjoys horse riding a mouth guard can protect him or her from serious injury to gums and mouth and should be an absolute requirement for mounting up.

At Stephen J. Pyle DDS we can provide a custom fit mouth guard the same day as your visit. They are light weight, comfortable and an essential for any activity that has a potential for impact.

Of course it always helps to start out with a strong set of teeth and our general dentistry practice provides comprehensive dental services for the entire family. When you are ready to visit one of the most sought after dentists in the Davie area call our office and schedule your first exam.

Diplomate of American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

As a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM), Dr. Pyle is part of an elite group of dentists who have met the highest educational and experiential standards, possessing an in-depth level of knowledge in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea using oral appliance therapy.

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