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Horse Riders at Risk for Serious Dental Injuries

General dentistry in Davie can often be presented with challenges not found in other South Florida communities. Davie is a western themed town of 90,000 that holds over 200 professional rodeos a year, has over a dozen stables and offers up riding trails scattered across the city.

In short, the people of Davie love their horses.

At our Weston dentist office we see our fair share of sports related dental issues like cracked teeth, broken teeth, gum injuries and loose teeth usually all the result of playing a contact sport without a mouth guard. It turns out that horse riding can result in the same dental injuries as a contact sport.

Horse Riding among the Most Injury Prone Sports

While there isn’t the same volume of data regarding injuries related to horse riding as other more popular sports, one study described horse riding as “the highest risk of injury in an individual sport is associated with horse riding, as a result of falls or kicks.”

If you take a moment to think it through it actually makes a great deal of sense. A fall from a horse, particularly while it is moving, really has no comparable experience in other sports except those involving machines like motorcycles. Getting kicked by a horse is totally unique to the sport.

To avoid falls and kicks, or at least minimize the damage from those events horse riders should:

  • Develop a keen sense of situational awareness when working around a horse (grooming, adding or removing tack etc.). This doesn’t happen overnight and new riders should be mentored by experienced riders.
  • Wear a professional, well-fitting helmet.
  • Use a custom mouth guard when riding.

This last one, a custom mouth guard is one that falls in the bailiwick of general dentistry and we make them for both kids and adults. A custom fitted mouth guard not only protects the teeth but it also assists in holding the jaw in place preventing dislocations.

A strap can be attached to the mouth guard which can then be attached to the strap on the helmet allowing the guard to be easily available. They are inexpensive, are available quickly and offer great protection for such a simple device. If your child is the horse rider, and particularly if that child has braces, you absolutely want them wearing a mouth guard when they are atop a horse.

If you have questions about mouth guards or any general dentistry topic, give our dental office a call and our staff will be happy to help.

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