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What is high-fluoride toothpaste? | Weston Dental Blog

How can I ensure that my teeth look good after my braces are removed?

High-fluoride toothpaste is a special type of toothpaste that has several times the normal amount of fluoride. Fluorides are used in a variety of dental applications – fluoridated drinking water leads to lower levels of tooth decay, and special fluoride treatments are used in patients that are vulnerable to tooth decay, including high-fluoride toothpaste.

How effective is high-fluoride toothpaste?

High-fluoride toothpaste has been shown to be very effective when traditionally used to prevent cavities. However, a recent study has shown that high-fluoride toothpaste is also effective in preventing the white spots that often appear after wearing braces – a study found that brace wearers that used a high-fluoride toothpaste developed significantly less spots, and that those that did develop were less severe.

How should I use my high-fluoride toothpaste?

We tell our Weston dental patients that a high-fluoride toothpaste should be used only once a day (use your regular toothpaste for the other times you brush your teeth!). Apart from the usual advice to brush thoroughly and avoid swallowing toothpaste, when using a high-fluoride toothpaste it is best not to eat or drink for 30 minutes after brushing.

Brushing with a high-fluoride toothpaste is a good first step towards fighting cavities and white braces spots, but there are several other things that can be done to further reduce any marks. We advise our Weston area dental patients to avoid eating a high-carbohydrate diet, as this promotes tooth decay and white brace spots. Finally, be sure to see your dentist, who can check for white spots early on, apply special high-strength fluoride treatments, or recommend other treatments to make your smile beautiful.

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