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How to get your kids to brush?

How to get Your Kids to Brush From Weston’s Top Dentist

Children do best with routines, and that applies to good brushing habits as well. In our Weston dental office we recommend age appropriate rewards to get the teeth brushing routine going until it becomes a good habit. For younger children some type of immediate reinforcement, such as a small sticker, makes a good reward.Don’t forget that even praise for a brushing job well done is a great reward.For older kids, a weekly log placed where they can see it twice a day can be used. We suggest listing the reward they are working toward as a reminder and an incentive.

How often should a child brush their teeth?

A child’s teeth should be brushed twice a day.The recommended guidelines by the American dental Association (ADA) are “2min2x” which is 2minutes twice a day.We also educate our young patients and their parents that nighttime brushing is the most important because the mouth dries out when you sleep, and then any plaque that has not been brushed off the teeth will harden into tarter or calculus and be more difficult to remove.We emphasize to our Weston area patients that parents should be the ones first brushing the teeth of their young child.

Part II where I discuss young children and brushing again coming soon!

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