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Should I Get Dental Sealants for My Children? | Weston Pediatric Dentist Blog

We tell our Weston area dental patients that proper use of Dental Sealants in children has the potential to keep your kids cavity-free!Many kids do not have the good, regular brushing and flossing habits that most people develop by the time they become adults.Dental sealants are safe, inexpensive, long-lasting and require only a simple procedure for application.

What are Dental Sealants?

A Dental Sealant is a thin, clear coating that is applied to the teeth in order to prevent tooth decay. Because Dental Sealants prevent bacterial acid from reaching tooth enamel, they are effective in deceasing the incidence of decay and the need to then fill the resulting cavities.Sealants are most often used on back teeth, especially the pre-molars and molars, and they should be applied just after these teeth have erupted for maximum protection. Sealants are recommended because it is difficult for kids to remove all food particles from the back teeth using standard flossing and brushing.A sealed tooth prevents this from being a problem by making sure the food will not adhere to the tooth in the first place.

How Effective are Dental Sealants in Children?

According to one study, children with dental sealants were 78% less likely to develop cavities that needed fillings. When combined with other dental treatments such as fluoride applications, cavities are virtually eliminated in children.Sealants can wear over time, and hence need to be checked by your dental office regularly.

Are Dental Sealants Difficult to Place, Dangerous, or Expensive?

In order to apply a sealant, the teeth are cleaned, and dried. Then sealant is applied, and is hardened using a halogen light. The sealant material that we use in our Weston dental office contains no Bisphenol-A (BPA), and has no known harmful side effects, so they are safe to use.Finally, as sealants are a preventative treatment, most insurance plans provide coverage for this procedure as part of preventative benefits.So be sure to ask our Weston office dental staff about Dental Sealants for your children’s teeth during your next visit!

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