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Weston Dental Office Tips on Summer Travel Oral Health Routine

Weston Dental Office Offers These Tips on Maintaining a Good Oral Health Routine During Summer Travel

Weston Dental Office Summer is here which means school is out and traveling for many families. It is easy to forget your oral hygiene routine when you’re out of your usual schedule or on the road. Here are some oral hygiene tips for summer travel:

  1. Visit your dentist before you go away for the summer. Having major tooth problems and having to make an emergency appointment somewhere while on vacation is no fun.
  2. Remember to brush or rinse after every meal
  3. Take it easy on the snacking especially on long car rides
  4. Bring sugar free gum with xylitol
  5. Be sure to brush and floss before bed

Here is a list of some essentials to bring with you on your summer travels to help keep up your dental hygiene.

  • Travel Sized Mouthwash and Toothpaste
  • Bring your floss and remember to floss at least once per day
  • Electric Toothbrush & Charger
  • Travel size Waterpik
  • New toothbrush—get one for your trip and throw it out at the end of the vacation.
  • Tooth brush Holder—a simple and cheap way to keep your toothbrush clean

Maintaining your oral health routine on the road can be a challenge but by following these few tips you can have a happy smile all summer.

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