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Weston’s First Family Dentist Offers This Halloween Oral Health Survival Guide

Halloween seems to get bigger and bigger every year. What was once a one day celebration has become a month long sugar fest. All those treats can play tricks on your kids teeth. The bacteria in your child’s mouth react to all that leftover sugar producing a weak acid that contributes to cavities. But no parent wants to be a downer on one of kids favorite holidays of the year. So here are a few tips to help your kids survive Halloween with their teeth in tact.

  • Chocolate is good dark chocolate is even better. Kids (and parents) love it and it can be cleaned off teeth easier than most other candy. If kids go for it stick with dark chocolate it has less sugar than milk chocolate.
  • Parents should be sour on sour candy. It is highly acidic and can corrode the hard outer part of a tooth opening the door to cavities.
  • Pass on the popcorn balls. If they must go for these treats be sure kids both floss and brush after. The kernels can get stuck in-between teeth and they are very sugary to boot.
  • Avoid gummy candies. Those cute gummy bears and fish are some of the worst offenders for your child’s teeth. They are harder to remove and can last longer on your teeth giving them more time develop cavity causing bacteria.
  • Hard candy is hard to avoid but harder on teeth. Hard candies can actually chip teeth if kids aren’t careful enough. They also tend to remain in their mouth for a long periods of time so the sugar continually washes over your child’s teeth.

It’s also a great time to review kids brushing and flossing routine. While most parents know children should be brushing twice and flossing once a day schedule a set time in the morning and personally supervise your child’s teeth-cleaning routine.

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