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Dental Surgery is Up for Toddlers Here are 4 Things Parents Can Do

Cavities are Up Among Preschoolers Here Are 4 Things Parents Can Do to Avoid Surgery

According to the Centers for Disease Control U.S. preschoolers have seen the first increase in cavities in over 40 years. Dentists are finding toddlers with sometimes 5-10 cavities. This increase has taken place in poor, middle class and wealthily families a like. No one wants to put their child under general anesthesia but it is routinely done these days for small kids with major dental issues. Depending on your insurance and the procedures required dental restoration for a child can range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more.

What’s the reason for the increase in cavities among small children?

  1. Not visiting the dentist
  2. Not brushing
  3. Bedtime snacking and drinking juice or sugary beverages
  4. Lack of fluoride

What can parents do to avoid surgery?

  1. Take kids to the dentist by age 1. Because they have so few teeth many parents don’t realize that kids need to start regular dental visits by age 1. Among other things the dentist can assess them for future cavity risk and suggest an oral hygiene program early on.
  2. Make them brush. Some toddlers get upset and throw tantrums or melt-downs over tooth-brushing. Hold firm. Remember if you they are crying now using a soft toothbrush imagine what it will be like to take a 3 year old in for a drilling.
  3. Limit Sugary Drinks & Snacks. Cut down on snacking especially before bedtime and when they do snack be sure they brush afterward. Limit juice to less than four ounces day and avoid soft drinks like soda and sports drinks.
  4. Fluoride. Serve your child fluorinated tap water instead of bottled water or talk to your dentist about fluoride supplements.

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