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What are Dental Implants? | Weston Dental Blog

Dental implants are titanium medical implants used to replace lost teeth. The implant is placed in the underlying bone. The tip of the implant is capped with an abutment, which is used to join the implant to the new teeth. A crown (which replaces a single tooth) can be done with one implant, while a bridge (which replaces several teeth in a row) or dentures (which replace all lower or upper teeth) require multiple implants.

Do I need a Dental Implant?

We advise our Weston Dental office patients that if you have missing teeth, you should strongly consider a dental implant.The bone underlying the gums requires stimulation or it begins to reabsorb into the body. This stimulation normally comes from the tooth, but can also come from an implant. Without an implant or a tooth, bone loss occurs. Multiple missing teeth can also cause this bone loss to spread and threaten the jawbone.Various surgical procedures exist which can graft new bone in or prevent bond regrowth, but the easiest way is to stop bone loss with a dental implant.

What is the Process of Getting a Dental Implant?

The first step is planning the procedure. During your consultation appointment in our Weston dental office we will take x-rays and examine you to see if you have sufficient bone to support an implant and the best location to place it. In most cases, this involves two procedures. First the implant is placed through the gums into the bone. The bone then needs time to fuse with the implant. After two to six months, this fusing is complete and the actual new tooth can be placed on top of the implant.

How Do I Care for My Dental Implant?

Dental implants must fuse to the underlying bone in order to be successful. You should be careful to continue brushing and flossing well in order to prevent peri-implantitis, an infection which can threaten the bone around the implant. You will need to advise us if you have cancer, diabetes, gum diseases, or are a smoker, as these can all reduce the chance of the implant successfully taking hold.

What is Dr Pyle’s Role?

During your consultation in our Weston Dental Office, Dr Pyle will suggest a specialist who has placed hundreds of implants, as the more experienced the surgeon (a periodontist or oral surgeon) the higher the success rate in general.After the implant has integrated with the bone, Dr Pyle will either select or have a custom abutment made to attach to your implant.Dr Pyle s also responsible for overseeing the specialized dental laboratory that will create the final crown, bridge or denture, which restores the missing tooth/teeth.

Diplomate of American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

As a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM), Dr. Pyle is part of an elite group of dentists who have met the highest educational and experiential standards, possessing an in-depth level of knowledge in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea using oral appliance therapy.

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